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"The Team established SWOSH! to answer the seemingly untapped demand for a better, easier and more reliable laundry and cleaning service."


Company History


SWOSH! now continues to grow as an on-demand Laundry App that provides a smooth, convenient and quality in-app and online laundry service in Metro Manila. Now, busy (or lazy) people can make the most of their time by removing menial chores like laundry out of their to-do list.


Nico Silva was looking for a lucrative new business when he decided to enter the laundry industry. He initially considered opening several brick-and-mortar laundry shops, but he wanted to have a different and timelier element in his entrepreneurial venture.

At the time, Nico was living at an Airbnb-listed property in Manila when he noticed that he needed to do his laundry. Being too busy to do things himself, Nico browsed for a convenient and affordable online laundry service and found several service providers. He tried them out, but the service providers couldn’t quite match the quality and efficiency of service that he was looking for. Their process was somewhat uncertain, and the quality of laundry service provided was not totally satisfactory – sometimes, even overpriced. Nico saw an opportunity and decided to create a high quality, convenient online laundry pick-up and delivery service – SWOSH!

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What We Uniquely Provide


The Future of Cleaning


SWOSH! is a laundry service App for IOS & Android users. SWOSH! picks up your laundry, takes it to a laundry shop of your choice, ensures your laundry is given the best cleaning service available, and then delivers it back to you - with just a few taps on your mobile device.



Everyone is busy. Self-service laundry can generally take up to two hours of a person's time. Even drop off services often require the customer to personally bring his/her laundry to the laundry shop. SWOSH! allows you to do your laundry anytime and anywhere with your mobile device. Now you have time. Now you can do more.

Quality Laundry Service


SWOSH! provides customers the ability to:

1. See the closest available laundry shop to their location;

2. See the reviews and experiences of past customers; Customers no longer need to settle for location nor visibility of laundry shops to find the best laundry service available to them.

Quality laundry service is exclusively assured to SWOSH! users. We ensure that partner laundry shops prioritize quality in laundry orders booked with the app. Moreover, the app encourages feedback, chat-communications and ratings so laundry partners are made aware of customer concerns in real time.

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