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Well, how does it actually work?

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Download the SWOSH! App and choose from our wide range of services. You can download the app here.

We Pick-Up

Schedule a date of pick-up and we’ll collect the clothes for you.

Our Partners Clean

Our trusted partners will clean your laundry.

We Deliver

We bring your laundry to your door step as per schedule.
Now you have time.

Our Most Popular Services

Wash, Dry & Fold
Blankets, etc.
24 hours
Wash, Dry & Press Per Piece
2 days
Dry Cleaning
Suits, Dresses, Barong & Leather Per Piece
5 days
Stage 1 & 2 Ultrasonic Cleaning
5 days
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Top 3 FAQs

How much does it cost to do my laundry with SWOSH?

The price of your laundry depends on the following factors:
a. The type of service you need (i.e. Dry cleaning, regular washing, shoe cleaning,etc.)
b. The laundry shop you choose (laundry shops may have varying prices – and you can see               their prices in the app)
Generally, the amount that you spend in availing a full-service laundry package (pick-up, wash, deliver) or when you have to bring your own laundry to the laundry shop (sometimes having to use a tricycle to bring large bags) are pretty much the same. The main difference, of course, is that with SWOSH!, the whole laundry experience is much more convenient. You save more time and energy and our special concierge service ensures laundry partners prioritize quality handling of your laundry. Overall, we do our best to keep our prices worth it.

What cities/areas are you available in?

As of the moment, we are largely available in select areas of Metro Manila. You can enter your city in our Book Now button to see if we are currently servicing your area. We are constantly expanding and in case we aren’t in your area yet, we shall be serving you soon. For your convenience, you may leave your email address here so that we can update you in real-time once we have new cities/areas available.

What items are considered “Regular”?

“Regular” items are those that may be included in our SWOSH! Regular Pack. These are mainly articles of basic clothing: Pants, Slacks, Denims, Jeans, Chinos, Underpants, Shirts, T-Shirts, Polo Tee, Sando, Sport Shirts, Sportswear, Athletic Clothes, Sports Apparel, Skirts, Shorts, Trousers, Ties, Scarves, Shoals, Blouses, Handkerchief, Socks, Non-Delicate Dresses, Blazers, Coats, and Jackets. Any other clothing apparel or items that are not mentioned above that our Partners still considered as “Regular items” will still be accepted.

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