May 22

“Is there a risk in drying your clothes indoors?”

May 23, 2020 When options are limited when it comes to drying clothes, what else can you do? You don’t have a backyard to hang your clothesline, you probably live in a condo unit where space can be a challenge, not to mention unsightly to hang clothes at the balcony... read more →
May 18

How long can COVID-19 survive on clothes?

May 19, 2020 Adapting to the new norm. This is what we hear in this day and age. Probably the one thing we should keep in mind until there is a vaccine for Covid-19. No one wants to live in fear and yet the pandemic is definitely far from over.... read more →
Feb 04


"Independence is synonymous to living alone, unattended, unaccompanied et al., and there’s certainly a price to pay to be able to practice that." "Seriously, I’d rather just meet my friends, maybe go out for a date or just simply chill at home."by John Humabon Folding My Own Laundry Is Never... read more →
Jan 29


"Finding a laundry shop was definitely a challenge because the shops around are limited, expensive and I was not really satisfied with the quality of the wash. "Princess Claire Selecting a laundry shop is like having your favorite “iced coffee” from your preferred café. It’s a staple need to deal... read more →