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Mar 14


As a precautionary measure in light of the COVID-19 issued by the Philippine government, we highly encourage our customers to meet the rider at the lobby. We also minimized our active laundry shop partners to reduce exposure. Less human contact will avoid any possible transmission of the virus. It is... read more →
Jan 19

SWOSH! App Improved!

In an ever-changing technological landscape, where today’s platforms are not tomorrow’s, SWOSH! decided to improve the app’s user interface. This January 20, 2020, SWOSH! will be relaunching an enhanced user interface (UI). This UI is a lot easier and simpler to use. Although many of our customers are satisfied with... read more →
Jan 19

Itemization Form

This itemization form will protect you and our laundry partners from any claims on missing and / or damage items
Jan 19

The Convenience of Delivery Service

Gone are the days that I have to take a shower, dress up and put make-up on just to go and do my clothes and grocery shopping, go to the laundry shop or even buy my favorite Jolly Spaghetti with Chickenjoy. It sometimes takes me longer to prepare than do... read more →