For Regular Laundry Service, your laundry items will be delivered back to you 24 hours upon pick-up.
For Special Laundry Service and Pet Items, your laundry will be delivered back to you to 48 hours upon pick-up.
For Dry Cleaning, garments will be delivery 6 days upon pick-up.
For Shoe Cleaning, it will be delivered 5 days upon pick-up.


USERS can request a re-schedule of his/her transaction through call or in-app messaging. This is only applicable 2 hours before the actual pick-up and delivery time. Otherwise, USER will be tagged as “No Show” on Pick-up and “Redelivery” on Delivery.

Cancellation/No Show Policy

USER is free to cancel a scheduled pick-up and delivery schedule prior to the scheduled pick-up time. However, if the USER cancelled the transaction after 5:00 AM, the same day of the scheduled pick-up and delivery time, USER will be charged a cancellation fee of Php50.00 upon their next transaction.

Cancellation may also not be available when SWOSH! REPRESENTATIVE is already in transit to USER. There is a limited number of cancellations to prevent abuse on their succeeding transactions.

Advanced Booking

Schedule of pick-up and delivery can be done in advance but only within 5 days from the time of booking to give the SWOSH! Representative enough time to manage their delivery and pick-up schedule. Delivery will be within 5 days from the time of the pick-up schedule.