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Is it safe to go to laundromats?

June 2, 2020

Going to laundromats could make anyone feel anxious most especially since there is not really a standard guideline on how to ensure our safety. It’s all very general and not everyone is willing to be thinking about so many things just to do their laundry. The Covid-19 Pandemic has definitely raised a lot of challenges for everyone. Everyone is obsessing about the way they clean their houses, how to clean the stuff they purchase outside when bringing it back home and how they should be changing their clothes after running an errand; or for some, after coming back from work.

Why not lessen contact and exposure? We have already developed the habit of ordering in for food, having our groceries delivered and shopping for almost anything online. Why not get in the habit of having a service pickup laundry and deliver it back too? Not only is it safe and convenient but your laundry will surely be disinfected and dried properly. No need to think about: “Where is the laundry shop near me; Where are the laundry places near me? Or What are the laundry services near me?” One less thing to worry about in these times. One small change, you get far less worries and complications.

If we understand the importance of cleansing our hands, surely we understand that it is also important to know how to properly clean our clothes. We have come across articles teaching us how to properly eliminate the virus from our garments. Though not everyone is fortunate to have a washer and dryer, be it spacewise or budgetwise to accumulate one, we need to be able to disinfect our clothes using the correct temperature for washing and drying. So again, a laundry shop is our next best option.

Although laundromats are generally clean and sanitized regularly, it is still a public place. Even if we opt for a “drop off”, we are still exposed to other people. Travelling from your home to your destination and back again, you will get exposed to a number of objects you might unconsciously brush against. If we are exposed to such, we may have the chance to carry the unseen elements back at home. As much as we want to go back to our normal routine, it is still best for us to minimize our exposure outside unless it is deemed safe. Just download Swosh, we pickup laundry and will get it back to you whilst observing safety standards.

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