Jun 03

Keeping Up With Safety

June 4 ,2020

Long before the Covid-19 virus, Filipinos already have a specific clothing for indoors. We call it the “pambahay.” It’s the clothing we use when we are just home and have no plans of going out. It’s usually the clothes you used to wear when going out but they have gone faded or tattered. It’s different from the clothing we use to sleep in which is the “pantulog.” This comes handy as it’s one less thing to think about since we are already so used to doing this way back then. Another thing we can be proud of is that we use a different kind of footwear inside and outside our homes (just like the Japanese). Filipinos are very hospitable by nature and at one point a detriment since we are too shy to ask visitors to remove their footwear even when they insist. Not everyone practices this at home but we can safely say it’s a good majority. Most especially if the home has toddlers/kids walking about.

These are good practices in keeping the home clean and germ free. Now, it’s deemed as a necessity in order to keep the deadly virus at bay. Gone are the days where you can use the clothes you used outside in your home, just to lounge around because you are too tired or just plain lazy. Are you one of those people who notices in some tv shows/movie scenes, the actor is wearing shoes on their bed or sofa? Back then, it’s already enough to drive any germophobe crazy. But now, people around the world are conscious of what they bring in and out their homes during the Covid-19 pandemic. Manufacturers are even coming up with doormats that disinfect footwear. Not the most economical but it’s another layer of protection especially for offices and some public places.

We know that once we come home, it is also not very practical to wash the clothes that we used right away. A good practice should be is to store all the pieces of clothing used in a plastic bag and set aside until the next laundry day. Just like the practice in shoes, we should use a different laundry basket outdoors and just transfer them to an indoor laundry basket. Both laundry baskets should be sanitized regularly from top to bottom. Sounds very tedious but we all must do our part in helping to stop the spread of the virus. We have to start at home, we all must adapt. Part of adapting is using a service that can pickup laundry and bring it to a trusted laundry shop. Swosh and all our partner laundry shops take away the guesswork whilst observing safety standards. No need to wonder: “Where is the laundry shop near me?; What are the laundry places near me? or What are the laundry services near me?” Just download, book and we will do the rest.

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