Aug 10

Lockdown Tips

Who would have thought that in this generation, the words “lockdown” and “pandemic” would be so familiar? Though there are still a lot of people heavily affected by it, most have learned to adapt and just roll with the punches. People have been working from home, online learning is the option for students of all ages. Medical, beauty, fitness and legal consultations are moved to teleconsultation or “teleconsults”. Laundry services have moved to laundry delivery or laundry pickup. Shopping of all sorts have moved to online transactions. Not to mention dining has evolved to deliveries as well. Including the high-end restaurants and the posh hotel restaurants offering buffets. We need to make do with our situation and hopefully, thrive. Of course, it requires a little more effort.

One can only imagine the hefty price tag that come with the traditionally prepared meals by these restaurants. Can you honestly say these are “healthier”? The only way to tell if the food prepared meets your health requirement is when they provide you the nutritional value similar to the packaged items we find in stores. You can always opt for the cheaper ones that are mass-produced but this would definitely fall under the “fast food” category which no one would like to feed their families and loved ones on a daily basis. So what choices are we left with? Do we opt for the usual canned and instant foods delivered from the grocery? ‘Fraid not.

As previously mentioned, we have adapted to this new way of living. You would see a lot of people flexing their cooking prowess on social media. Cooking a tasty and healthier meal doesn’t mean it always have to be expensive nor does it have to take hours to prepare. We just need a little bit of sensible planning a bit of guidance. Again, the information you need is available online, you just have to know where to look. Pretty sure all of us have purchases which are spur of the moment and ends up being useless to us in the long run. Yet we hesitate to spend on healthier foods because we have been programmed to think it is tasteless and more expensive. Think again! You can be in control of the type of flavor you like without compromising your health.

Here is a step towards the right direction. Below are links you can try that will help you prepare meals in 30 minutes or less so that you still have more time for other things you find interesting and still be hailed as the best home chef/nutritionist in your household.