Feb 04


“Independence is synonymous to living alone, unattended, unaccompanied et al., and there’s certainly a price to pay to be able to practice that.”

“Seriously, I’d rather just meet my friends, maybe go out for a date or just simply chill at home.”

by John Humabon
Folding My Own Laundry Is Never Fun.

Sacrifices will be made for that freedom.

Some of the pros include not having to inform mom my whereabouts all the time or when I’ll be home, being forced to do errands or having to drive her to visit our tita’s house where you are constantly hounded by infamous questions like “When are you getting married?”, “When will I have grandkids?” or “Did you put on weight?” already feels like dodging a bullet.

Seriously, I’d rather just meet my friends, maybe go out for a date or just simply chill at home. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my mom but when you are practicing independence, you only need “mothering” in small doses. I love being self-reliant. On the downside, I have to prepare my meals, do my laundry, grocery shopping and clean the apartment. Thanks to mobile applications, some of what I missed back home are being taken care of.

It has never been worth the time and effort cooking for one.

It took me more than an hour to make everything and only 10 minutes to consume the food. Not to mention the wastage of ingredients if I cook in small amounts. I tried to prepare a bigger portion but ended up having the same dish for the next 4 days. Thanks to GrabFood and Foodpanda, I can have Pinoy food today, Chinese tomorrow and Italian on Wednesday.

MyKuya or Gawin app takes care of my cleaning woes. These services work for me because cleaning the bathroom will probably be the last chore I will do in my life!

Swosh! Laundry Pick-up and Delivery app does my laundry. Although I’m not certain how the company makes money but the amount I pay in the shop is almost the same price in the app. My laundry gets delivered within 24 hours from the time they pick it up.

For some reason, I find grocery shopping very therapeutic. This is the one chore I like to do on a regular basis, usually after work. But on occasions, it needs to get done and I am unavailable, Pushkart or MetroMart are the apps that I depend on which are both accessible in Makati.

Having said that, no app or services that can replace my mom’s famous Oxtail Kare Kare, so Sunday lunch is a must for me to visit home.