SWOSH! App Improved!
Jan 19

SWOSH! App Improved!

SWOSH! Laundry App

In an ever-changing technological landscape, where today’s platforms are not tomorrow’s, SWOSH! decided to improve the app’s user interface.

This January 20, 2020, SWOSH! will be relaunching an enhanced user interface (UI). This UI is a lot easier and simpler to use.

Although many of our customers are satisfied with our service last 2019, we are constantly innovating.  We heard your “areas for improvement” comments about our app’s ease of use. Of course, we didn’t ignore our valued customer’s outcry. Instead, SWOSH! made use of this feedbacks as a challenge to develop and enhance the app even more.

So, what expectations will you see this 2020 with our improved app?

First, we want our customers to use the app as efficiently as possible. We want them to learn how to use the app without getting confused and frustrated. Also, by being efficient, it won’t take our customers much effort into booking their laundry.

Second, we want to help our customers save time by making the app’s booking process responsive, consistent and concise.

Lastly, we believe that a good and attractive user interface will make our customers enjoy and frequently book their laundry through the SWOSH! app.

Achieving a perfect app with balance takes skill and time.

We hope that our regular and future customers would enjoy our improved SWOSH! app.

Get the app through Google Play Store or in the Apple App Store.