The Convenience of Delivery Service
Jan 19

The Convenience of Delivery Service

Gone are the days that I have to take a shower, dress up and put make-up on just to go and do my clothes and grocery shopping, go to the laundry shop or even buy my favorite Jolly Spaghetti with Chickenjoy. It sometimes takes me longer to prepare than do the actual task.

Thanks to the help of modern technology, mobile application or online services I can have all of these done without leaving my place.

I just realized that almost 80% of my recent Christmas shopping for all my family and friends were both from Lazada and Shopee App which only took me 2 days to complete. Not bad shopping for 35 presents. This would probably will take me a week if I have to go shop at malls considering the traffic and pushing through a crowd.

I have a small frame and carrying large, bulky items like drinks, rice, toiletries, canned food etc. was no easy task. Thanks to Metromart, I don’t have to it anymore. I try to do my 2-week needs in one go so it will be more cost effective. I would rather pay additional cost for delivery than to carry the items back to my place.

Being single, preparing food for one can be a hassle especially when you’re too tired from work. This is why Grab Food and Food Panda really works for me. I have been using both for there are certain merchants that are only available on each app.

Also, I really love, my wine can be delivered 60-90 minutes at my doorstep during times my friends are having drinks at my place and we run short on it.

Now, even my laundry is via mobile app. I’ve been using SWOSH! for a few months now and I am satisfied with the service provided. I can select the shops from around my area, the date and time, and have it delivered with 24 hours. Surprisingly, the price is very reasonable.

Now, life would be perfect if they can provide an app that can deliver a new boyfriend.