Aug 14

The Other Guys

Nowadays, when we hear the word frontliners, some of us automatically think of our health workers, namely doctors and nurses because they are the ones who are mentioned most frequently and are tirelessly trying to help contain Covid-19 and help cure the ones affected by it. Although we are eternally grateful to them, we also must remember that they are not the only ones inside the hospital. Aside from the attending physicians, residents, specialists, registered nurses, medical technicians and so many more health care team members, we also have the non-medical staff who are equally as important in running an effective hospital. They are the orderlies, janitorial services, office and administrative staff and security staff. This is just talking about the health care industry.

This pandemic has affected all of the industries not just nationally but on a global scale. For a time, we were on a halt because of the unseen enemy. But not everyone is so lucky to stay inside their homes and wait for the crisis to be over. These are the unsung heroes from different industries who still provide service inspite of also being fearful of the dreaded virus.

During the times we were planning to buy our essentials from the supermarket or from the drug store, there are still people tasked to ring up your purchases or restock the shelves. Of course, it goes further than that. Aside from maintaining the stores, stocks must be replenished so deliveries from warehouses or ports going to their designated stores must take place. This set up is also applicable to other goods too. Deliveries are important. Thinking about having a service or goods delivered to your home? There are still people tasked to man that very important post. You can shop online for almost anything, you don’t have to be exposed or wait long queues. Delivery guys are there for you, rain or shine to get you what you need. You can have your favorite restaurant deliver some food for you and your family where you can bond whilst eating. When you think about a chore that is very time consuming like laundry, no need to wonder what laundry service or laundry shop are near you. You can have someone pickup laundry and deliver it back to you. You want your place to be cleaned professionally? This service is also available. We are being reminded to keep our homes and environment clean. People with waste management also play an important task, like our janitors in establishments or even our “basureros.” When everything was in a standstill, they kept working. Even when it comes to keeping the peace and order, there are people designated for this job like the police, soldiers, barangay tanods, security guards etc. The people who run the public transportation are also important since they are the ones who bring people from point A to B.

Everywhere we go, whatever we do, there are key employees for every industry. They may be working on a skeleton workforce, but they are there to assist you in your needs. Facing what millions are terrified of. They are all rock stars. We cannot thank them enough for all their sacrifices. They can be described in one word, HEROES.

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