May 22

“Is there a risk in drying your clothes indoors?”

May 23, 2020

When options are limited when it comes to drying clothes, what else can you do? You don’t have a backyard to hang your clothesline, you probably live in a condo unit where space can be a challenge, not to mention unsightly to hang clothes at the balcony (that’s if you happen to have one), if not frowned upon. And you feel that a clothes horse is the only option since  you automatically cringe at the thought of asking yourself: “I wonder if there are any laundry places near me?” Maybe you are also thinking: “Using laundry services near me are expensive and unnecessary.” But is it really…?

Most of us don’t have a problem forking out some hard earned cash on overpriced coffees, milk teas, sodas and snacks etc. Maybe we are not even conscious of where we purchase our grocery items. Whether its marked up horrendously as long as it’s conveniently located from our home. And yet we find it hard to spend some money on a laundry shop that can pickup laundry that may contribute to our safety since they will launder and dry our clothes correctly.

Several studies show that it is not safe to dry your clothes indoors. Bringing in those damp clothing can still attract added moisture which would lead to the growth of mold and spores and high levels of dust mites. Can you imagine if you are drying your clothes near your bedroom or living area where people hang out the most? These can definitely trigger coughing and sneezing. They can also attribute to lowering down our immune system. It was also mentioned that using fabric conditioners make matters even worse. Inhaling them may be another form of carcinogen. And need we be reminded of another thing that thrives in moisture? Oh yeah…just the Covid-19…no biggie. Not!

We all know how expensive and stressful it is to get sick. Especially if it bestows upon one of our loved ones. Why not cross that one thing off your list and let us worry about your laundry? You don’t even have to ask “Where is the laundry shop near me?” The rainy season is also just around the corner (yes, more moisture in the house!!). Let Swosh help you get through this pandemic, one booking at a time.

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