May 20

We Don’t Mix It.

May 21, 2020

We all take stringent measures to lower the risk of infection by making sure the environment in our home is safe from the virus… But what about washing other things, like our clothes?

At Swosh, we make sure that when we pickup laundry, we take all the basic safety measures. We understand the difference between “cleaning” and “disinfecting.” Cleaning is the removal of visible dirt and bacteria from the surface. As this may lower the risk of spreading infectious agents, it does not kill both virus and bacteria. However, with disinfection, chemicals are used to kill germs after cleaning them.

We may have read about research and guidance from our public health authorities on how to reduce transmission on surfaces but this is not the same on clothing and other textiles. Here are some of the safety measures we take to put your mind at ease:

For SWOSH! Representatives

  • SWOSH! Reps are equipped with necessary PPEs, temperature check and all of them are in-house and not third party dispatchers.
  • Individual plastic bags are provided to ensure each customer are separated upon collection.
  • Social distancing are constantly practiced by our reps with customers and laundry partners.
  • All laundry are properly sanitized upon delivery.
  • Cashless transactions like GCash and Bank Transfer will be provided for customers to pay their laundry.

Laundry Partners

  • SWOSH! Laundry Partners “NEVER” mix with other people’s laundry.
  • Disinfecting detergents, hot water and dryer are used to thoroughly sanitize your clothes.
  • All laundry shops must follow safety protocols when doing laundry like wearing proper PPEs while washing, drying and folding clothes.

Not everyone owns a washing machine. And even if some of us do, it might not be the type where you can regulate the temperature to ensure the efficacy of the recommended safety precautions. The next time you ask yourself, “Where is the laundry shop near me?; Where are the laundry places near me? or What are the laundry services near me?”, just think you have SWOSH! and all our laundry shop partners to rely on to help keep you safe from the virus.