Nov 26

Why Swosh?

Most people think having your items laundered professionally is expensive. But if you compute everything such as water, electricity, laundry detergent and softener and the most expensive of all… your time and effort, it actually is more expensive to do it yourself. But out of all the choices out there, why Swosh? We can give you more reasons to make the switch.

Our Swosh Representatives are hired in-house. Most delivery services just have their delivery personnel register or pay a certain fee. With us, there is a hiring process so we get to check their personalities as well as their backgrounds, as you would do in a normal company setting. This gives us the chance to narrow down the possibility of having a bad apple in the bushel. Of course, we want to be represented by people who value hard work, integrity and quality service above anything else.

Our Swosh Representatives are trained to handle your laundry. To some it may seem excessive to have people trained to bring laundry to and fro the laundry shop. But we take pride in our job. We know that these are your personal items, and we want to ensure we take the best care of them. We want to ensure that the people handling them are aware of their importance. Before we deploy them, we actually dedicate a day for their orientation and ensure they are aware of the Standard Operating Procedures as well as the Employee Handbook.

You know exactly who’s going to pick-up and deliver your laundry unlike other services. When you are lugging your dirty laundry to a laundry shop, you probably won’t even remember who took in your laundry. With us, you know exactly who it is and as previously mentioned, it’s a plus when we know them personally too. It will be easier to address any concerns…although we are hoping that there isn’t any, but hey, we want to be prepared for that too.

They follow strict guidelines for your safety. In these troubled times, safety is everything. We want to ensure our Swosh Representatives have a clean bill of health before they are deployed. They are constantly reminded of ways to protect themselves and all the people they interact with. Should you spot someone who does not follow the minimum health standard, feel free to report them to us. There are disciplinary actions in place to correct them.

Always reliable to do their best and ensure the customer’s needs are met. The upper management of Swosh come from the hospitality/service industry. They want to ensure that the best practices of customer service trickle down to every employee this is why they had their hand in creating the handbook and operating procedures. It is inculcated in every representative from the day of orientation and through rigorous spot checks. Our guys will always take that extra mile to keep our customers happy.

Why Swosh? We have reliable, well-trained and friendly representatives to handle your laundry woes. We are your effortless way of doing laundry.